Each reform school unit includes a school providing special support and individual solutions to support learning for basic education aged pupils as well as pupils attending voluntary additional basic education. The school’s operating principles include communality, individuality and involvement. The instruction is organised in cooperation with the children’s guardians and the reform school’s care team. The individuality of studies is implemented in small groups under the guidance of a team consisting of a special teacher and school assistant. The aim is that pupils will be able to complete comprehensive school by making use of their personal strengths and resources.


An individual educational plan (IEP) is prepared for each pupil. The plan is based on an assessment of the child’s resources, history of school attendance, and a survey on the pupil’s strengths and preconditions for learning carried out by a psychologist at the reform school.  The IEP sets the pupil’s personal goals for studying and the measures taken to achieve these objectives. The plan is drawn up in cooperation with the young person and his or her guardians. The plan is updated at the beginning of the school and as necessary. In addition to IEP discussions, monthly letters from the reform school and family visits, the guardians are informed about the progress of school attendance at client plan discussions and through the electronic system (Wilma).

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