• located in Liminka, 25 km to the south of Oulu
  • 34 (+ 2) places of substitute care
  • special care: Joukola (4+1) and Parkki (4+1)
  • demanding education (ward care): Amiko (5), Mäkelä (5), Veikkonen (5) and Ritola (4)
  • demanding education (becoming independent): Johtola (6)
  • Kylliälä school
  • 64 professionals in the social welfare, health care and education sector

Special care, which is the starting point for many young people’s placements, serves as the foundation for Liminka education centre. The special care period is focused on stabilising the young person’s mental condition and assessing his or her overall situation. As a result of the period, young people often feel well enough to return to a so-called normal daily life.


In both special care as well as in the wards for demanding education, young people are designated two personal key-workers. The personal key-workers take particular care of the issues of the young person for whom they are responsible. Engaging in joint activities, providing guidance in daily life contexts and family work allow deepening the interaction with the young person to an extent that the personal key-workers celebrate positive events with the young person, comfort him or her on bad days and support him or her when some difficult issue requires a change. In addition to personal key-workers, all team members take care of all young people’s issues during their shifts. Special employees in public positions support the young people’s growth: a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry, psychologist, specialised nurse, and social worker. These special employees form a multiprofessional team. Knowledge, skills, tasks and experience are shared in a multiprofessional team in order to reach some common goal together with the young person and his or her family.


The Kylliälä school operates at the Liminka education centre. The school plans each young person’s school attendance individually. The main school has three groups of instruction and both special care wards have their own groups. A special needs teacher has been appointed to each group of instruction. The school also employs three special needs assistants. In addition to studies, the school also organises a lot of excursions and camp schools, and includes participation in sports and cultural events.


The young people are provided with an opportunity to engage in versatile recreational activities. Going to a gym, making music at a music studio and playing floorball are popular activities. The young people can also engage in climbing on a climbing wall in the school’s gymnasium, play pool, ice skate and play ice hockey or throw a frisbee on a frisbee golf track located in the school premises. Many young people play football or dance in the sports clubs located in the area. The young people can go swimming, walking and running, and camping, and even cross-country skiing during the winter in the recreational area of Rantakylä in Liminka.


The quality management system KARTTA, which puts the young people and their welfare at the heart of the activities, has been developed in the working community. This is a tool for daily life which includes all necessary help for ensuring that the activities are of high quality, open, safe and smooth. KARTTA involves developing activities with the help of customer feedback and initiatives, for instance. The young people and parents can submit initiatives and give feedback which is always processed by the institution’s steering group.

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