• located in Mikkeli, South Savo
  • 32 places of substitute care
  • departments: Neitola for girls, Hovitupa and Kartano for boys and the Antinhovi department intended for young persons at the stage of becoming independent
  • the special care unit Jarru
  • demanding, long-term care and education at the Keltainen talo I and II units
  • Myllyjoki school
  • 70 professionals in the social welfare, health care and education sector

The Sairila staff comprises special teachers, school assistants, personal key-workers as well as administrative and support staff.  A psychologist, social workers and a nurse also work at Sairila. The activities are supported by a specialist in youth psychiatry with weekly consultations and other experts as necessary.


Sairila’s special competence include special care at the Jarru unit and the Keltainen talo unit for long-term demanding care and education. Sairila also has four wards which include five places. Sairila’s comprehensive school, the Myllyjoki school is an important part of the rehabilitative daily life of the reform school. Work pairs comprising a special needs teacher and an assistant are experts in individual instruction. Excursions, working life familiarisation periods and an action-based approach are part of school work.


In addition to housing units, the Sairila area provides a lot of opportunities for activities. The young people actively use the school’s frisbee golf track, and a joint club room Nuokku and gym. In a music workshop, the young people can make records and receive treatment with a physical-acoustic chair. A large share of the young people engages in recreational activities available in Mikkeli.  The shore of Lake Saimaa also offers opportunities for diverse hobbies and leisure time activities.  The pupils daily gather in the dining hall of the main building where a buffet lunch is served every school day.


Sairila implements ART group activities in all housing units. ART (aggression replacement training) is a method which young people can use for training their capabilities for constructive interaction. In Sairila, every young person receives individual and goal-oriented education and care; a group designated for each young person comprises a personal key-worker, personal teacher and social worker, nurse and psychologist in addition to the young person. The aim is to keep the activities clear, predictable and simple as well as to create a safe framework for the young person’s growth. Good and open cooperation with the young person’s family is a basic principle. Families can visit and stay overnight in Sairila’s guest housing. The Sairila reform school organises regular family camps. Together with employees, the young people placed in Sairila participate actively in national expert by experience activities for State Reform Schools. A cooperation forum for adults and young people also consider, develop and plan shared issues linked to the daily life of the reform school.

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