• located by Lake Hiidenvesi in Nummela, around 50 kilometres from Helsinki
  • 29 places of substitute care
  • departments: Hannala, Miehelä and Vanhala for girls and Hongikko for boys
  • The Vuorela school in Vihti
  • 62 professionals in the social welfare, health care and education sector
  • a special care unit Marikko

The basic task of the Vuorela reform school is to take care of young people, and provide them with treatment and education  and familywork. It is important for the success of the young person’s care that his or her family is involved in the care process. Parents are included in the young person’s care and they are appreciated as experts on their own child. Family work, which is guided by specialised family therapists, is carried out by the young person’s entire care team. Parents are welcome to stay overnight in the guest housing when the young person is unable to leave Vuorela.


Each young person at Vuorela is designated a personal key-worker and a care team.  The personal key-worker manages issues together with the young person and makes sure that the young person is understood and is feeling good. The care team comprises the young person, his or her personal key-worker, family worker, responsible worker of unit and, if necessary, personal teacher and a psychologist. The care team listen to the young person and consider his or her matters, set goals and agree on necessary practices together with young person. If necessary, intensified care periods are agreed on to promote stabilisation. To support the young person’s client plan, a plan for the young person’s care and education is prepared at Vuorela, and this is regularly processed at discussions.


Each pupil at the Vuorela school has a named teacher. A special needs teacher and a psychologist survey the strengths and special needs related to learning and school attendance.  Teachers and school assistants help pupils with their homework to ensure that the pupils finish the given assignments. Young people who have completed basic education can start upper secondary studies while living in Vuorela. A decision to do so is made together based on a discussion, and it is important that the young person and his or her family personally approve the plan.


Leisure time activities support the development of the young person’s personality. In addition to recreational activities, young people fill their leisure time with versatile communal activities. Excursions are made from Vuorela throughout the year. Camp schools are a part of a yearly tradition and the young people engage in different hobby-related excursions during school holidays, including downhill skiing, cycling, hiking and adventures.


The staff at the Vuorela reform school are competent and interested in their work. Having clarity of values and basic tasks help employees carry out goal-oriented work. Occupational well-being is supported by a model for early support, regular occupational guidance and further training.


More information on Vuorela’s activities is available in the Vuorela´s Quality Manual.

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