Reform schools – on a path towards positive growth

“Young people should get an opportunity to change and be more than the reason for their placement.”

All children and young people have the right to education, treatment and care.

The care, education and teaching provided at reform schools form a rehabilitative whole that emphasises factors protecting growth and mental health. The experiences young people and their families get of fairness and being heard are an important part of a successful care process in a reform school. As a premise, young people are strongly and equally included in the planning concerning their own lives. To safeguard the age-appropriate development of young people, reform schools employ specialists in care, education and teaching. The work carried out with families aims at helping the young people build workable relationships with their loved ones, and makes the placement a shared process that the whole family is involved in.


Reform schools are specialised in producing a service where substitute care and special needs education form a rehabilitative entity. The services provided by reform schools include specialist-level and advanced-level institutional care, special care and aftercare.

School activities

Pupils are supported individually to recognise their strengths and to obtain a basic education certificate.

Young people’s page

Information for young people about reform school practices, stories from the young people’s daily lives and interesting facts.

News and current events

News and current events about the activities of reform schools.