Available placements at reform schools

The planning and implementation of a reform school placement starts with contact from a social worker, after which staff discuss the suitability of the placement for the young person in question. Following this, the young person and their family are invited to attend an orientation visit at the reform school. In addition to a tour of the school premises, this visit gives the young person and their family an opportunity to meet the staff, find out more about what the school does, and discuss the young person’s personal circumstances. The aim is to create a basis for effective cooperation.

Lagmansgården Reform School

Further information:

Carl-Johan Strömberg,
Telephone: 029 524 4813

Liminka reform school

Further information:

Teija Tuuliainen
Telephone: 029 524 4205

Sairila Reform School

Further information:

Mia Melkinen
Telephone: 029 524 4308

Päivi Kinnunen
Telephone: 029 524 4405

Sippola Reform School

Further information:

Salla Haikonen
Telephone: 029 524 4690

Tuija Lindberg
Telephone: 029 524 4611

Vuorela Reform School

Further information:

Annette Karanen
Telephone: 029 524 4704

Anna-Maija Kujala
Telephone: 029 524 4701

Joint after-care at reform schools

Enquiries about placements:

Jens Pedersen
Telephone: 029 524 4019

Perttu Urponen
Telephone: 029 524 4020