Advanced-level institutional care

Advanced-level institutional care is intended for children with special individual needs related to their growth and development. Advanced-level care units treat and rehabilitate children with severe symptoms related to their growth and development, and school attendance. The therapeutic and trauma-oriented care is individual and comprehensive, and child and family oriented multiprofessional cooperation. A communal, anticipated and stabilising environment supports recovery. The care also includes different group activities that involve treatment and support the young person.


Strong resourcing

Advanced-level institutional care has good personnel resources. A least 2 employees have been reserved for the care of each child at the units. The staff working in the units have broad-based expertise and competence. In addition to counsellors, the unit employs psychiatric nurses, social workers, psychologists, substance abuse workers, occupational therapists, family therapists, doctors and family workers. The units can accommodate four clients. Children attend school in small groups, and individual teaching is provided by a special needs teacher and a special needs assistant. The personnel resources and small group sizes at the units support children’s rehabilitation and taking their needs comprehensively into consideration.