Aftercare services at reform schools

The after-care of reform schools supports the young person’s life after placement in the reform school either as the young person moves back home or to his or her own apartment. An after-care plan supporting life management is prepared in cooperation with the young person. The plan includes issues related to studies or applying for a job, for instance. The young person has an opportunity to discuss and receive regular support from a familiar counsellor.

The young person is guided in matters related to housing and looking after oneself, including managing financial issues, earning a living, visiting the authorities, managing social relationships as well as engaging in recreational activities. The young person is also guided to seek help in issues related to physical and mental health, for instance, as well as possibly in matters related to intoxicants or crimes. The aim is to support relationships important to the young person and to help the young person to find good routines that support his or her daily life.

After-care has been divided into basic support, reduced support and intensive support. Basic support includes previously agreed weekly meetings, acute crises if necessary and help in coping with daily life in different situations. Reduced support has similar contents but includes fewer meetings and other contacting. Intense support is offered in situations where there is daily need for support. Whatever the form of support, the work is based on the young person’s own starting points and aims at accomplishing the young person’s wishes and dreams.


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