Specialist-level institutional care

Specialist-level institutional care is intended for those children who need a lot of broad-based, comprehensive and individual education and care to support their growth and development. The young people have diverse and multi-layered needs for support. Child-oriented care and education, predictable everyday life, supported school attendance, safe relationships, strengthening protective factors and support for transition phases strengthen the child’s prerequisites for a safe and stable life. The work emphasises cooperation with the child’s family and loved ones.

In special care units, at least 1.3 employees have been reserved for the care of each child. In addition to counsellors, the units employ psychiatric nurses, social workers, psychologists, substance abuse workers, occupational therapists, family therapists, doctors and family workers. The units can accommodate 5-6 clients. Children attend school in small groups, and the teaching is provided by a special needs teacher and a special needs assistant.