Leisure time


The recreational activities organised in reform schools are diverse, and encouraging young people to engage in different recreational activities is a key part of supporting young people’s welfare. An enjoyable recreational activity often helps the young person to gather experiences that support their self-esteem and self-expression as well as boost their energy in everyday life. If a young person is not engaging in any recreational activity when arriving in the reform school, an aim is to find a hobby for the young person that he or she can enjoy. When agreeing on recreational activities, the aim is to take the young people’s individual wishes into account as well as to find out their opportunities for continuing with a previous hobby.

The young people at reform schools engage in diverse recreational activities around the year. The academic year and different seasons set the rhythm for the activities. Reform schools support the young people in engaging in both exercise and culture. In addition to individual hobbies, the sport and cultural association of reform schools organises multiple communal events throughout the year.

Reform schools provide diverse activities, such as fishing, paddling, downhill skiing, horseback riding, dancing, rock climbing and making music.